Play It Forward

 LYMB.iO Charity Program - "Play it Forward“


The charity program "Play it Forward" of LYMB.iO GmbH, the sports tech startup from Munich, inspires people around the world to move. 

Organizations and individuals, in cooperation with LYMB.iO GmbH, enable institutions in need of support to access LYMB.iO GmbH's high-tech products free of charge.

Our B2B system MultiBall, an interactive play wall, is the most sponsored product and brings movement into the lives of people of all ages every day. With the Play It Forward program, LYMB.iO GmbH wants to help people become more active through fun and games in everyday life.

The program focuses on supporting kindergartens and schools, which often cannot participate in technological innovations due to bureaucratic obstacles. Moreover, it is there that the products have the greatest impact on positively changing the behavior of the future generation in the area of physical activity.


Donors can take the themes of digitization, health, fitness, lifelong learning, and inclusion and implement them quickly and easily at facilities of their choice.


Through the product "MultiBall", children/students can play sports, knowledge games or have active fun together in a group. In higher classes and colleges, there is also the possibility of integrating MultiBall into computer science lessons and programming their own games.

MultiBall promotes active access to the digital world in children as young as 3 years old.

Implementation examples:

Sponsor Labor Becker, Munich:

Installation of a MultiBall Pro system in the auditorium of the elementary and middle school on Führichstraße in Munich.

Students and teachers use the MultiBall system during and after class as well as during break times. In addition, the system is used in the after-school program and for afternoon care of all-day children. By installing it in the auditorium, a wide variety of target groups can use the system all day without restrictions due to occupancy schedules (e.g. of the sports halls).


Sponsor Wort & Bild Verlag:

Wort & Bild Verlag (Apotheken Umschau,, Baierbrunn) has donated one MultiBall each to the Gymnasium an der Bergmannstrasse, Hemsbach and to the Städtische Sporthalle an der Eversbuschstrasse, Munich.

Use by students and teachers as part of physical education classes and afternoon course offerings.

Would you like to be part of the charity program and become a sponsor?

There are different ways to become active as a sponsor of the Play It Forward program:

1. There is already contact with an institution/school that you would like to support specifically as a sponsor? Then contact us and we will take care of checking the technical details on site and set up the costs. Then you donate the amount to the institution and we take care of all the details of logistics and installation.

2. You would like to donate a system, but you do not have a specific facility in mind? In this case, you are welcome to choose a suitable facility from our pool of applicants.

In any case, LYMB.iO will cover the transportation costs, install the system on site and take care of lifetime service and support.

In addition, our systems are passed on for you at cost.




Become part of "Play It Forward" and contact us.