About us



Some years ago we decided that physical activity needs to be more fun and engaging to stay relevant in our digital age.

As »Fun with Balls« we started in 2016 to developed interactiveSQUASH and MultiBall to revolutionize sporting and fitness experiences for our B2B clients. Since then, operators in more than 46 countries have upgraded their courts and locations into an interactive sports experiences.

For us, gaming is the blueprint to make people more active by using gamification to enable everybody living a healthy and sporty lifestyle.



We are all here to make a difference beyond just profitability. We care about making people have fun while making them healthier and happier through physical activity, stimulating education, and social interaction.

We focus on transforming people's lives in positive ways so that we can grow as people and communities. And like all change, it starts with ourselves.

So we also need to focus on ourselves to create the best possible version of ourselves and our company.


Fairness within our team, towards clients and partners always comes first and we honor what we all built together. We never discriminate, exclude any person or opinion, just like we never condemn other ideas or focus only on negative effects of something.

Nothing makes our life easier than being transparent and open. We are open about what we do, what we plan to do and we never sell fluff. This goes for the relationships we build with clients and partners, but also within our company. Transparency is one of the best tools to reach truthfulness, understanding and trust.

People can rely on us as professionals in what we say, what we do, the outstanding quality of our products and the level of service we provide. We are here to help and everybody can rely on us to answer their requests in a positive manner.

Fun is simple and everybody wants to have it. We try to make things as fun as we can all the time, even if our work sometimes also demands things that are not easy.

We live what we preach and try to be a good example, especially to the younger generation. We actively look into the future and past to draw the right conclusions for our decisions. We are always the active drivers of progress in our projects and the shift in mindset we’d like to see in the world.


Why we do what we do is quite simple. We all sit far too much in our daily lives. To be exact, 75% of our everyday life, up to 10 hours a day we spend sitting. And that has serious consequences. Our bodies were designed to move and for various reasons this has changed over the years and is still decreasing.

We show you how to get back up and be active with a combination of sports and gaming so you don't end up as #generationsitting.

Watch the full movie on www.generationsitting.com