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Upgrade your space into an interactive play arena. MultiBall is a mixed reality sports and gaming platform built for the interaction between physical activity and digital games. Especially designed as a universal and adaptable system to fit ball sports centers, hotels, family entertainment centers, schools, events, and retail stores. scripts.


InteractiveSQUASH is a game-changing fusion of sports and technology. It greatly expands the function of conventional squash courts to the most sophisticated digital training and coaching system for racket sports on the market. The training applications are designed and constantly improved in collaboration with professional coaches and professional players so you can track, train and improve movements and skills specifically related to competitive play. The games get everyone, in particular kids, thrilled to jump on the court to start playing.


InteractiveRAQUETBALL is an all-in-one upgrade package which can be installed in all kinds of existing racquetball courts, with minimal prerequisites including allocated space in ceiling, walls and flooring.