Activity and fun like never before

LYMB ONE is a physical gaming console — experience interaction with your whole body

Turn any wall into your interactive sports and gaming arena. LYMB ONE is a mixed reality engine that brings together real physical activity and digital gaming on a big screen. Our proven technologies are used by our global clients and partner, e.g. Decathlon.

Active Family Fun

Keep Your Family Active and Fit

Kids love to play. Let’s play together!
Learn math and geography, improve memory skills and hand-eye coordination. LYMB ONE helps your kids to develop cognitive and physical skills while burning some energy and having a great time.



Moving targets, fast-paced gameplay, immersive soundscape, and visual FX invite players to dive into active experiences. And on top, games like Monster Match look adorable and kids simply love it.


Learning made simple – math equations, matching pairs, country quiz, and many more – LYMB ONE creates the perfect flow to train combination, conclusion, concentration and even tactical skills while playing games.


Single-player, head-to-head or team-against-team — LYMB ONE puts people-first in a new hybrid world that helps develop confidence, empathy, self-esteem, and interpersonal skills, and reduces anxiety and stress.

Gamified Fitness

Boost your motivation!

Bored of your home workout routine? Infuse your workouts with the joy of play 
Motivating yourself can be hard. LYMB ONE is specially designed to distract you from workout pain by transforming exercises into fun games.



Fire up your energy and endorphins. Yes, getting in shape is a challenge. It requires developing routines and sticking with them over time. Our classes motivate, focus on the right exercises and always have the most effective workouts ready for you.


Our Strength & Stamina apps are designed to shape up to the fittest body you could ever have. The class aims at getting you in shape, obviously, but also educates and informs you on the proper ways to lift weights and working out individual goals.


Learn how to maintain a comfortable and healthy posture. Our comprehensive classes cover the most popular yoga postures and stretching exercises. They are designed to make your whole body more flexible and agile.

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