Frequently Asked Questions

We are constantly working to adjust serial production to our quality standards. As soon as we have a reliable shipping date, we will inform you.

The system has measurements of 18,5 x 34,5 x 15,5 cm (LxWxH). The system needs a minimum free space to the ceiling of 5 cm. The system needs a minimum distance to the screen of 45 cm. The system should be centered and leveled above the screen. The maximum screen size is 3,2 x 2 m (WxH). Your maximum screen height is the room height minus 65 cm.

Yes, you need a projector, there are no special requirements. For an optimal gaming experience, please mount the projector as close and high as possible. To have fewer shadows you can also use an ultra short throw projector.

The system is equipped with an external power supply including a 10 m extension cable.
You can connect your projector via HDMI (HDMI cable not included).
The system requires an internet connection either via LAN cable connection (recommended) or a wireless LAN connection.

The play area is 1:1 your screen. We recommend a security distance of 0,5 m around your play area.

No, the stream is actually processed outside of the system or on our servers. The processing is only happening on the system and no video is recorded.

Yes, with a stand that can be ordered separately, you can place the LYMB.iO on the floor centered below your projection.

The system can track balls bigger than 5cm and identify human hand touches on the wall.
The system can track the body movement of players bigger than 1,1m.

The games run on your LYMB.iO device directly.

In order to download new games, you need to be connected to the internet and our server to access our App Store.

The system also works without an internet connection, but you would not be able to make a new setup in a different location, update the software or participate in online leaderboards.

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