Keep Your Family Fit and Active

Learn math and geography, improve memory skills and hand-eye coordination.

Boost your motivation!

Bored of your home workout routine?
Infuse your workouts with the joy of play.

Turn your wall into an interactive sports arena

LYMB ONE comes with 35+ sports apps and games to make you move.



How does
LYMB ONE work?

Whether you want to work out, make your kids move regularly, or just want to have fun with your friends in an active way, LYMB ONE is ready to unleash your physical activity.

Ball Detection

The LYMB ONE device tracks balls larger than 5 cm and is capable to detect multiple objects at the same time. We suggest soft foam balls if you want to stay friends with neighbours, except you want revenge for their guitar lesson.

Motion Tracking

Your body is the controller. Play games just by moving your body. The sensor system also helps you to perform your fitness workout or yoga session correctly.

Touch Capability

Train and improve cognitive skills such as reaction time and speed of action. You can also play all “ball games” with your hands.


Comes with 35+ free games

LYMB ONE comes with more than 35 free games for any skill level to deliver maximum entertainment and great exercises.
Game developers and our team constantly develop new games and apps, all available through our app store!

The simple 3-step way to set up

1. Attach LYMB ONE to the wall

2. Connect projector with HDMI

3. Adjust scalable screen size

Active Family Fun

Keep Your Family Active and Fit

Kids love to play. Let’s play together!
Learn math and geography, improve memory skills and hand-eye coordination. LYMB ONE helps your kids to develop cognitive and physical skills while burning some energy and having a great time.

Gamified Fitness

Boost your motivation!

Unmotivated? Bored of your home workout routine? LYMB ONE will boost your motivation!
Motivating yourself can be hard. LYMB ONE is specially designed to distract you from workout pain by transforming exercise into fun games.

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LYMB.iO® Ballfinder Sensor v.2.105
■ 28.800 detection points @ 80/150fps
■ 11 mm pixel pitch at 2m distance

LYMB.iO® Highspeed Touchless-Sensing Engine v.1.45
■ 16 simultaneous touch interactions/gestures @ 80fps

Intel® RealSense™ Depth Module D450


   ■ Gigabit Ethernet port

   ■ 802.11ac Wi-Fi wireless networking; IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compatible; 150 MBit/s

   ■ Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology

Length: 185 mm
Width: 345 mm
Height: 155 mm

Weight: 3.5 kg

Energy Consumption: 40W

Operating Temperature: 5 ºC – 35 ºC


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35+ free games included.