New Game Release: Air Hockey

Air hockey is a game where two players or teams play against each other. The fast gameplay requires quick reactions to score. Hit the area next to puck with a ball to shoot into the direction of your opponent’s goal. Hit your shots closer to the puck and they are more powerful. The game is over as soon as one player or team scores 10 goals. The breathtaking gameplay will make you move.

Rebound corners

When you hit the corners the puck gets an extra powerfull and unpredictable drift.

Two color modes available

Air Hockey is available in two designs – in black and white.

1 vs 1 or Team Battle

You can play Air Hockey with up to 6 people. The more space on your wall and in front of the system, the better! The size of the projection on your front wall is continuously scalable starting at a with of 2.5 m.

All types of balls

2 – 6

10 min +


12 Month free Premium Subscription

Active Family Fun
Dennis Fischer

New Game Release: Ocean

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