How to stay fit and healthy at your desk job?

Part 1:  Shoulder decompression for a healthy posture

When working within the same ranges of motion for an extended period of time, over-active muscles can tighten, thus making your joints feel stiffer and stiffer with time. The modern work- and especially office environment can excessively involve being stationary.  The smartphone further adds to the heavy toll taken on the alignment of our joints in regards to their natural and movement beneficial positioning. 

Through mobilizing our shoulders and getting our tissues in motion, we get an improved blood flow in the areas we work on as well as neuronal activation which helps to maintain a good posture. 

4 Simple exercises to improve your posture

All exercises demonstrated in the videos can be integrate in your (home) office routine easily. They help to mobilize your shoulder blades and get the parts of our upper body to move better in general. 

1. Shoulder Circles

A simple stretching exercise that primarily targets the shoulder blades.

2. Nerve Glide

This nerve gliding exercise eases your arms and shoulders. It increases your arm, wrist and hand flexibility.

3. Reach Behind Your Back

This exercise improves shoulder extension  and internal rotation.

4. Throw a ball

Incorporating movement into the work day is extremely important. Without continuous movement, the body stiffens up and stops working optimally leaving room for brain fog, discomfort, and injury. Adding movement into the work day promotes blood flow and circulation and activates your muscles. 

By throwing balls you strengthen your shoulders and get your entire body moving. With our interactive gaming systems – which are available for home and office usage – you can easily add in active breaks that spice up your work day and benefit your health.

Expert Tipp: Use both hands to throw the ball to challenge both shoulders and avoid muscular dysbalances.

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