Infuse your workouts with the joy of play

LYMB.iO – Your interactive home gym

Gamified Fitness

Unmotivated? Bored of your home workout routine? Gamification will boost your motivation!

To overcome your weaker self can be hard. LYMB.iO is specially designed to distract you from workout pain by transforming exercise into fun games.

Bring some fun in your daily workout routine

Unleash your physical activity

Game-changing interactive workouts

More than 30 ball and fitness games to build strength, endurance and flexibility included (more games to come).


Endurance & HIT

A quick burst of movement to fire you up with energy and endorphins. Getting in shape forces you to face your biggest challenges, and sticking to a regular routine for a long period of time. Theses classes will make sure you know how to focus on the right exercises and workouts to reach your goals.  

Strength & stamina

In our Strength and Stamina apps, we delve deep into building the fittest body you can. The class aims to not only shape you up, but also instruct and inform you in the right methods to do weightlifting and working out. 

Flexibility postures

Learn how to maintain a comfortable and healthy posture, with our comprehensive classes that go through the most popular Yoga and Stretching postures. These postures are gears to make your body more flexible and agile.

Ball and Touch Sensors

Tracks every ball larger than 5 cm

Motion Tracking Sensors

Monitors the movements of your body

2-way Stereo Speaker

Intergrated Soundsystem

HDMI, WiFI, LAN, Bluetooth

Easily connect your LIMBIC ACTIVE

3-step set up

1. Attach LYMB.iO to the wall

2. Connect projector with HDMI

3. Adjust scalable screen size

The best off you can get


12 Month free Premium Subscription

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