Frequently asked Community Questions

Yes. This is actually the best way to play since you will have fewer shadows. Just make sure you mount theLYMB.iO high enough to not have a shadow in your projection.

Yes, one of our next videos will also show this setup working with a stand for the LYMB.iO.

Yes, you can. You’d need an external signal converter though and we very much recommend checking the latency.
As long as the longest distance to a point where you want to touch is less than three meters it’s fine.
Even small setups are possible but we always recommend a minimum of three by three meters to have fun. We also have people using the system in smaller spaces for the motkon tracking games if you don’t need the full workout effect of our game.
As long as yiu have a flat surface with no direct sunlight and matte paint on the wall you’re fine.
This depends on the quality of your cable. A good one can easily reach distances of 15 meters and more and you can even have CAT5 solutions if this isn’t enough. Just make sure you check for latency.

You install the console to the wall or floor, set up the projection, connect it to the projector via HDMI and adjust your screen by tapping the symbols on the wall during setup. Connect it to WIFI and you’re ready for fun.

In order to download new games, join tournaments and rank in global highscores LYMB.iO needs to be connected to the Internet/ our server to access our App Store.

The system itself can be used without an internet connection, but you would only have the pre-installed games available. Without an internet connection, you would not be able to update the software, games, training apps, or participate in online leader boards.

On the LYMB.iO menu, new games and training apps will always be highlighted. These can be downloaded or purchased just like you do with your smartphone. All our Kickstarter backers have lifetime access to these apps forever.

We already have a good selection of games and are always happy for any ideas. For the larger systems for operators like interactiveSQUASH, interactiveRACQUETBALL or MultiBall please check our other pages.
Any ball larger than 5cm is super safe to track, so tennis balls are no problem. We are also checking if we can further refine the sensor to also track smaller objects and will keep you updated on that.

When we designed the LYMB.iO we paid extra attention to having a lot of overhead when it comes to durability and performance. There won’t be any reason for having to upgrade soon. With technology moving fast, however, there might be future generations of the system coming and we are already looking into ways to maybe solve that with partial upgrades or trade-in programs.

We recommend having no direct sunlight on the playing surface while using LYMB.iO. Our sensors still work with it, but the projection would not be visible. For the motion tracking, we work with a 3D depth camera which would be capable of also working while areas are lit up by natural sunlight.

The system will allow multi touch capabilities as well as up to ten objects at the same time. The final capablitly might be much higher also.

Our data security follows regulations and no stream is actually processed outside of the system or on our servers. The processing is only happening on the machine and no video is recorded. After some early feedback from the crowd, we are also designing a mechanical shutter, which will cover the lenses when LYMB.iO is not in use – just because it feels better.

We also have no microphone included since we can use your smartphone for any future functions like voice control that would require that.

Yes, we did. However, when we looked into this, most of the users we spoke to are using the projector for other things already. It is also very difficult to find a one-size-fits-all solution. So we decided to not include it in our product and give everybody the freedom of choice.
You can always use any other device on your projector’s secondary input to have a full movie night experience.

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No worries, if you want to know more about LYMB.iO contact us per mail or get in touch in our live chat. We are here for you.

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