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Unmotivated? Bored of your home workout routine? Gamification will boost your motivation!

To overcome your weaker self can be hard. Therefore, LYMB.iO is specially designed to distract you from workout pain by transforming exercise into fun games.

Moving targets, fast-paced gameplay and direct audio-visual feedback keep you focused on completing action-packed tasks while taking your workout performance to new heights.

Multidimensional stimuli merge physical and cognitive training enabling you to train your body and brain at the same time.

Bring some fun in your daily workout routine

Unleash your physical activity

Track your Training and compete
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For our early birds we have some limited perks with almost 300€ discount on your LYMB.iO. The regular price will be 1.085 €. 

Help your kids to Develop Cognitive and physical skills while playing

Kids Love to play

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The Premium Subscription fee  includes all current and future games and apps. The regular price will then be 29.90 €/ month or 299 €/ year.

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How does it work?

So, whether you want to work out, make your kids move regularly, or just want to have fun with your friends in an active way, LYMB.iO is ready to unleash your physical activity.

Ball Detection

The LYMB.iO device tracks balls larger than 5 cm and is capable to detect multiple objects at the same time. We suggest soft foam balls if you you want to stay friends with your neighbours, except you want revenge for their guitar lessons.

Motion Tracking

Your body is the controller.  Play games just by moving your body. The sensor system also helps you to perform your fitness workout or yoga session correctly. 

Touch Capability

Train and improve cognitive skills such as reaction time and speed of action. You can also play all “ball games” with your hands.

Play it forward

You love seeing people getting more active and wanna help? Super awesome of you. 

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Customers reviews

What people say?

This is exactly my kids and myself have been waiting for a long time. Playing together, challenge yourself and others. Have fun, be social and get fit the same time. I ordered one and can’t wait to get it. 😘
Backer on Kickstarter
This is absolutely amazing, As a hardcore gamer I defiantly want one, I've tried VR before to get my lazy ass up, but It wasn't my thing with all of those weird headaches, but this thing is in another level.
Backer on Kickstarter