Bring some fun into your kids’ routine with LYMB.iO

You are probably at a stage where you have almost run out of ways to keep your kids as well as yourself and your spouse entertained and focused. Between juggling cooking and cleaning with working from home and home schooling, it could pose a challenge to find an outlet for children and adults that are staying home all day. Not to mention, finding creative ways to help them feel uplifted with appealing activities.

LYMB.iO takes physically and mentally engaging games to a whole new level. Not only does it merge both to create a fantastic opportunity to keep kids mentally engaged and active, it adds a positive spin to your quarantine experience, especially when it comes to creating the ideal set up of a daily family routine that embeds a brainy and fun workout in their daily routine.

Education games such as math mission, have proven to be a big hit amongst our younger and older users. It has to the potential to support with the occasionally challenging task of homeschooling, through boosting mental and physical performance with math questions answered simply by tossing a ball or using a racket to do so.
The game offers the flexibility of playing one against one, or even team against team, all while flying to the moon with the help of solving mathematical formulas. Since you would also be able to select the difficulty level, this game is not only suitable for all ages, it also improves hand-eye coordination while honing one’s math skills with quick thinking.

Creating a positive experience with exercise and learning for kids is not always a simple task. With LYMB.iO, it makes the motivation part much easier, especially with adults and kids who are usually more skeptical of exercise or new approaches to passing their free time. The approach of coupling physical and mental activity is a very efficient way to keep the kids’ productively engaged and bodily active.

Imagine being able to throw a ball around while learning math (making math ten times cooler than it is), or if you don’t like sitting and reading, imagine a game that takes you all over the world without having to leave your home.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Create an entertaining and educational experience for your kids indoors and find out more on how to order LIMBIC ACTIVE. 

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