Bored of Board games? Bring your family together with LYMB.iO

If you are rushing to buy yet another board game for your family online, step-back, relax, and opt for a better way to keep your loved ones busy and fit. Gone are the days of classic board games that lead to all too many pointless family feuds and frustrating losses. It is time to not reach for the board when bored. Instead upgrade quality time with your family with a large variety of interactive fun games on LYMB.iO.

LYMB.iO re-invents entertainment and active sports through entertainment-centric games that not only help to keep your mind focused but also engages young and old in active family fun.  Make your kids leave their smartphones behind and bring them on to the field of agility testing, treasure hunts, and off beat games. 

LYMB.iO brings the next level family entertainment to your home and revolutionizes the old-school game night of cards and nerve-wracking boardgames. 

Where instead of moving a few steps from the couch to the floor or the dining table to lose to another game of charades to your siblings (because they somehow get better and better at miming one worded three syllabled movie titles) you get to include everyone thanks to LYMB.iO, and together work on the array of skills you possess that eventually become worth flaunting.

A game of Aloisius for example, will test your agility and planning tactics in a fun bavarian backdrop. If you are an all-time fan of candy crush, then monster match will help you beat your highest score plus tick off your cardio for the day without having to succumb to the yoga mat or dusty weights sitting in the corner of your room.

You could play Ocean with your younger siblings, a game of slots and/or squash with your mum and dad, or the whole family could take part in a game of classic squash invaders. The point is that the single and multiplayer games provide enough entertainment and activity to launch a whole new way of spending time together at home.



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So, what are you waiting for? Create an entertaining and educational experience for your kids indoors.

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