Keep your family fit and active

LYMB.iO – Your interactive Home Gym

Kids love to play

Children are naturally active. All we need to do is to trigger it.

LYMB.iO device comes with educational games to learn math and geography, to improve memory skills as well as hand-eye coordination. LYMB.iO helps your kids to develop cognitive and physical skills while burning off excess energy and having a great time.

Bring some fun in your daily Life

Unleash your physical activity

Interactive ball and fitness games for the whole family

More than 30 games suitable for all ages and skill levels to enjoy sports fun to foster a quality active lifestyle.

Featured GAmes

Physical Skills

Most of the games have moving targets, a fast-pace gameplay and audio as well as visual elements. And games like monster match just look adorable. Kids love it and the more it visual effects the games has the more they start to move.

Cognitive Skills

Solve a math equation, find the perfect match in memory or remember where a specific country is located – all games require and develop cognitive skills. Combination, conclusion, concentration and even tactical skills.

Social Skills

Single player, one-by-one or team-against-team. Many modes are available. LYMB.iO will bring powerful experiences to help develop confidence, empathy, self esteem, interpersonal skills, and anxiety and stress reduction.  

Ball and Touch Sensors

Tracks every ball larger than 5 cm

Motion Tracking Sensors

Monitors the movements of your body

2-way Stereo Speaker

Intergrated Soundsystem

HDMI, WiFI, LAN, Bluetooth

Easily connect your LIMBIC ACTIVE

3-step set up

1. Attach LYMB.iO to the wall

2. Connect projector with HDMI

3. Adjust scalable screen size


12 Month free Premium Subscription

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